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Live Event Instructions

Live Event Instructions

The information provided here is to assist in your participation in our live Web-based event.

Please note that we will not be able to assist with questions on the days of the events unless they are part of the actual live sessions. Our ability to respond to non-urgent questions will also be limited beginning May 19 due to the many demands of the conference. We will do our best to assist where needed. 

Also be sure that our final automated notice (emailed from does not get overlooked in your Junk Mail folder.

An alternative method of access is here:

Go to and enter your email address and the ID. See the IDs below.

Animals Deserve Better   Webinar ID: 494358154

Modeling Success            Webinar ID: 594236579

Volunteerism                     Webinar ID: 470635946              

Advocacy                           Webinar ID: 617297178

Saving More Animals       Webinar ID: 185748091

Please note: Our Web interface provider implemented a major software upgrade yesterday, resulting in a temporary technical issue Friday afternoon. The password function for one session malfunctioned briefly and we regret that some registrants were unable to successfully use their password as a result. We anticipate being able to make a recording of the session available later.

Early Registration

If possible, you will want to log-in in advance of the event date (and fill in a very brief form as part of the process) then go back to the same link on the day of the event.  A quick software download is part of the process (each time you log in) to enable use of the Webinar tool.

As discussed elsewhere, access occurs through our event software and registration is required by the technology system for each major time block of the conference.

On the event day it's best to arrive a few minutes early so you know you'll be in when the event starts. Pre-conference information will also be shown on your screen.



The Web technology can be used with Macs as well as PCs. No special equipment is required to take part.

High speed Internet access is of value in being able to see the visuals, and in real time (rather than experiencing a lag). However, whatever you have should give you enough access to receive the valuable information that will be provided.

Having multiple browsers open during the live event will slow your computer down and can interfere with event access, particularly if you are operating at lower Internet access speeds.


Being sure that your audio is working as needed is of obvious importance. Most newer computers have built-in mics and speakers. You’ll want to check on this in advance so you're ready to go at the time of the event.

Some computers with speakers have the sound turned down or off. If you're not sure about yours, go to a Website that has videos or audio (You Tube for example) to tell if you can hear.

If not, you can go to the Start button on your computer, then to Contol Panel, then to Audio/Sound Devices and either Unmute (if the Mute box has a checkmark, clicking it will unmute so you can hear) or turn the volume up if it is too low (by raising a lever on the screen).
If you need help with adjusting your audio we can quickly provide the instruction just before the event starts (or at the beginning if needed).

If your computer does not have a mic and/or speakers, you can use an external device if desired. You will not require a mic for purposes of these events.

You can also choose to listen in by phone. Your event notice will provide you with the call-in number and event ID number. Using it will allow you to hear what is being said through the Internet while watching your screen for the slides and other visuals.

Event Access

When you registered through the link provided on this site (under "Events" for animal support organizations and under "Animal Lovers" for the general public"), you received the event access information. You can return to the same link at the time of the live event.

If your event requires a password, that means it is limited to the participants described in the announcements. Your password will be sent to you separately. If you did not complete the required registration information you may receive a request for further information by email.

If you are accidentally logged out of an event, simply log back in to rejoin it.

Unlikely though it is, we should note that inappropriate conduct will result in dismissal from the live event.

Participating Live

- Upon logging in on the event day, you will enter a "Waiting Room" (and be there briefly), then be brought onto the event Webpage. 

- You will see a control panel in the upper right hand quadrant of your screen. You will be able to ask questions or alert the Moderator using this tool.

- The control panel can be minimized by clicking the orange and white arrow box that is at the upper left part of the panel box. This will get it out of your way to see the visuals presented by speakers. You can maximize it whenever you wish by clicking the arrow again. 

- The "Audio" section of the control panel may be accessed by clicking the "+" sign next to the word Audio. If you are using your computer to hear the presenters (through the computer) leave the Audio botton "as is" on the default setting.
If, instead, you need to use your phone in order to hear, the setting must be changed to Telephone so simply click on that button.
The Moderator will be able to assist if needed. 

- The slides and/or other visuals of our presenters will show on your screen. 

- The Question box on your control panel can be used to ask questions of speakers and the Moderator as well as to alert if you are having any difficulties. There will be a brief period at the start to address questions about the technology if needed. Participating in the Web event is easy and you shouldn't encounter any problems.


Precautions have been taken in the unlikely event of weather, electric or phone/Internet service emergencies affecting the Foundation's office. If any of these occur, we will do our best to avoid any disruption of the program. Should you be disconnected, please just log back in.

This page of the Website will also be used to post any important notices during the live events.

Thank you for your participation and we wish you an exceptional experience for the benefit of animals.

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