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Partnership for Animals

An associate owns a unique and expansive property that may be available for purposes of helping animals. The property is not for sale. Instead, the owner is interested in teaming up with one or more organizations or other "partners" with shared interests in "making a difference" for animals.

The property includes land, barn, paddocks, pens, office space,
housing, other amenities.

It has possibilities for one or more of the following:

  • Non-profit headquarters or branch office
  • Education & training center 
  • Care facility for special needs animals
  • Animal sanctuary
  • Animal hospital
  • Human-animal therapy center
  • Wildlife rehab and habitat  
  • Animal photography, videography
  • Site for author or painter 
  • Mail order center for animal-related product sales
  • On-line or digital services provider 
  • Combination of these and other potential uses

Our contact is an accomplished business person and avid animal supporter, and is interested in working as a partner, consultant or possibly even an employee with an animal organization – while also "bringing to the table" the use of this "facility".  The option also exists of renting the property, as part of or independant from such a working arrangement.

The possibilities are many and this post is exploratory. If you are interested in discussing a possible collaboration (or rental), please click here to provide your contact information and a little bit about your interests and any questions.

 Thank you for visiting this page and responding at the above link.

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